Get Prepared for GDPR,
Stay under Control.

We handle the GDPR compliance so you can focus on your business.
Attorney-level compliance solutions for all data flow, from client to server side.

Full-End Solution

From the App to the web, and to the server, we help your organization with GDPR readiness by quickly building comprehensive data flow map and streamlined solutions in one stop.

Automatic Compliance Self-Examination

Automatically search through applications, database, and big data facilities. Generate GDPR requested checklist for collecting, storing, and processing data and minimize manual works for GDPR reporting.

Easy Data Deletion

Index users’ data from any source, format, and location including client end, cache, database, big data clusters, emails, and even pictures, etc. Ensures quick response to users’ request on deleting personal data with machine learning.

Notification of Privacy Incidents

Use machine learning to identify GDPR related incidents from a massive number of events to ensure issues will be handled within 72-hour threshold.

Data Fencing

Data is hosted and processed in multiple nodes worldwide, and isolated in the GDPR compliant data center which means that Europeans’ data is stored in Europe.

Self-Proving Compliance

Based on the characters of the blockchain, record the action of deleting users’ data on blockchain to provide proof of evidence. Blockchain’s traceability and immutability help with GDPR compliancy and improving clients’ trust in your organization.
The platform to fulfill GDPR compliance in one place.